Sean specializes in wedding ceremonies and receptions, he has been performing at weddings for eleven years. He is very familiar with the typical flow of a wedding ceremony and has worked with many of the local marriage commissioners. Here are a few considerations.


Music selections


Most weddings require music selections (traditional or contemporary) for the processional, bridal entrance, signing and recessional. It’s common to choose a few songs for the prelude just before the ceremony begins – Sean is always happy to make suggestions or select music if you have any difficulty deciding. Please take a look at Sean’s music page for a few suggestions and his standard repertoire list. Sean can learn songs outside of standard repertoire but this often incurs additional music fees.


Sean has worked numerous wedding ceremonies in his career as a musician, therefore it isn’t always necessary for him to attend your rehearsal.  In most cases a short pre-ceremony discussion with your officiant is sufficient. Sean is comfortable watching for cues from your wedding party or marriage commissioner. A rehearsal maybe necessary if your ceremony is complex or unusual. Additional fees typically apply if you do wish to have Sean attend your wedding rehearsal.

Dinner or Cocktail Hour

Live ambiance music during your reception is a lovely touch. You won’t be required to choose background music but suggestions are welcome. You may have ideas regarding tempo, favorite composers, favorite songs or styles. Sean can play up to three hours of background music. Dinner music is usually recommended over cocktail hour because conversation tends to be louder during this period.

Production and amplification

Small indoor wedding ceremonies around 30 people with good acoustics don’t require amplification. Pure acoustic sound is best whenever possible, however the guitar is a quiet instrument – amplification is often necessary outdoors or for larger weddings. When necessary amplification is always used in a tasteful, natural sense. Sean is able to provide implication and a wireless lapel microphone for your marriage commissioner when needed. All of our professional grade production equipment offers excellent sound quality and reliability.

Remote Locations

If amplification is required Sean is able to supply a battery-bank powered PA system for outdoor locations without power. The system is quiet, powerful and reliable. More information on that service is available here.